You dont have to look at other people and be disheartened.You dont have to look in the mirror and feel you are less. 

What others have now,you’ve had it before. 

What others show off now,you’ve kept it as your secret for years. 

But you let your secret out and now its everyone’s fantasy. Everyone’s dream come true. 

No matter how much you miss it. Nothing can bring it back to you.

It is no longer yours. Maybe it never was. 


Old sport.

As much as I miss you,I cannot let you take me for granted. You talk when you are in need and you forget I exist. How can one be so selfish?

You just cannot be this selfish.

You cannot forget that people work hard for you to be out of trouble.

You cannot just not consider being thankful. You cannot just take the person for granted.

Because everyone has a limit. You cannot break a person’s limit to tolerate and then expect them to be nice.
Well,I don’t know if its you who has become intolerable or I have lost my patience to tolerate you.

Either way,things have changed,old sport.



Maybe you won’t stay;

Maybe you will betray.

Maybe you won’t lie;

Maybe you will do it with a smile.

Maybe you won’t hear my problems;

Maybe you will help me solve them.

Maybe you will stand by me;

Maybe you will pull me down.