As the years pass by,

And the time moves on,

While somethings change,

And some remain exactly the same.

We wish how it was the other way round that the ones remained had gone away and the ones changed,were like before.

We spend our lives chasing whats gone and wishing it comes back.

And when those things,those people,those memories come back. 

For some of the returned ones,we realise they were better in the past

Some memories are better when we play them again and again in our brain than when we watched them live. 

But because of some returned things,memories,people,it feels like everything has fallen back to place. 

Everything starts to make sense again. 

Even though you might have lived that moment in the past,when it happens again in front of you,you feel as if you’ve been brought back to life. 

You start to enjoy every second of it. 

Even the bad moments don’t look so bad anymore. 

You start to mend things so you don’t lose it again. 

Every second feels like the best one. 

Every moments you start to feel more and more alive.

So the years pass by,

And time moves on.

While some things change,

Some remain exactly the same.


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